WRZ series gas Roots flowmeter

WR series gas Roots flowmeter is a volumetric meter with high precision, strong reliability and wide range. It is mainly used to accurately measure the gas flow of closed pipelines. The flowmeter can automatically track and compensate the pressure and temperature of the measured gas, and directly display the total volume of the gas in the standard state, and can output a variety of signals.

It is suitable for measuring non-corrosive gases such as natural gas, city gas, propane, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and industrial inert gases. It is widely used in gas commercial settlement in catering, hotel and other industries, gas transmission and distribution network gas, gas pressure regulation, industrial and civil boiler gas measurement.

Technical performance indicators

1. Mechanical performance indicators:

2. The model specifications and basic parameters of the flowmeter are shown in Table 2 Table 2 Main technical parameters


Main features

✦ Wide flow range (greater than 100: 1), low starting flow and pressure The loss is small, which is suitable for the occasion where the flow load changes greatly.

✦ High measurement accuracy, strong reliability, not affected by pressure and flow changes ring.

✦ High-precision machining and repeated positioning technology make the parts have a good Versatility and interchangeability, make the flowmeter have good repeatability, Long working life.

✦ The flowmeter does not need straight pipe sections in front and back, and can be installed in narrow spaces.

✦ Adopt high-precision digital temperature sensor and digital pressure sensor, and the digital pressure sensor comes with temperature compensation correction function,high pressure detection accuracy, good long-term stability, small temperature drift

✦ Can automatically detect the temperature and pressure of the medium, and perform temperature, pressure and compression factor corrections to convert the operating volume flow rate and total volume to the standard state volume flow rate and total volume

✦ Adopting advanced micro-power high-tech, low power consumption, can run on internal batteries for a long time

✦ Large-capacity data storage, with data tamper-resistant function, automatically records key data modifications and historical data

✦ With real-time data storage function, it can prevent data loss when changing batteries or power failure. In case of power failure, internal parameters can be saved permanently

✦ Can be embedded with wireless modules such as GPRS or NB_IOT, can form a variety of forms of wireless meter reading system, powered by the built-in battery to achieve a limited number of wireless transmissions (once a day), no external power supply, easy to use


1. Volume corrector  2.Display  3.Bearing pedestal  4.Roots wheel  5.Housing 6.Synchromesh gear  7.Message tray  8.Oil filling port  9.Oil window  10.Oil drain

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