WT series gas turbine flowmeter is a high-precision, high-reliability precision measuring instrument. It is suitable for the measurement of various single-phase

gases and the measurement of gas in urban gas, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries.

WT series gas turbine flowmeters have excellent low-pressure and high-pressure measurement performance, suitable for accurate measurement of large flow gas.

According to user needs, our company can provide turbine flowmeters with different accuracy levels and different performances.


Note: ①The flow range listed in the table is the flow range of the product at the factory inspection (the medium is air at normal temperature and normal pressure);

          ②As the pressure increases, the flow range also expands.

2.1 Executive Standard

a. WT series gas turbine flowmeter implements the verification procedure ofJJG 1037-2008 "Turbine Flowmeter"

b. Implement the enterprise standard of Q/WD 001-2018 "WTE Gas Turbine Flowmeter"

c. Implement the national standard GB/T 18940-2003 /IS09951:1993 "Measurement of gas flow meters in closed pipelines and turbine flow meters'

d. Implementation of GB/T28848-2012 " Smart Gas Flowmeter" national standard

2.1.1 Product type test verification number 2019F305-33.

2.1.2 Accuracy class

a.Use the high repeatability of the turbine flow sensor to linearly correct the meter coefficients (normally no correction is required). The accuracy level within the range is: Level 1.0 and 1.5. Ifno linear correction is performed, according to the IS09951

international standard:

    1.0 level: 0.2Qmax ~ Qmax: +1.0%; Qmin ~ 0.2Qmax: +2.0%

    1.5 level: 0.2Qmax ~ Qmax: +1.5%; Qmin ~ 0.2Qmax: +3.0%

b. Temperature indication error: s +0.5%

C. Pressure indication error:≤+0.2% (220%Pmax) (upper limit of pressure sensor range Pmax: 0.2, 0.5,1.0,5.0,10(ab Mpa))


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